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In accordance with Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-13-108, the Tennessee State Treasurer is responsible for conducting a review of a school district’s denial of a charter school application, as amended, because it determined, in part that the authorization of the charter school would have a substantial negative fiscal impact on the community. 

Documentation submission guidelines: 

In order to ensure that all parties receive all communications from the Treasurer and to further ensure that no impermissible ex parte communications occur, all correspondence in a Charter School review matter should be directed to the Treasurer at the following email address: 

Likewise, all correspondence in a Charter School review matter will be sent from this address.

All information submitted by any party, and in any format should be copied to each party in that particular matter.

The combined size of an email with attachments must not exceed 15 MB.  If there is a document or documents that exceed this capacity, they must be loaded on a USB drive, CD-ROM or DVD and mailed to:

Treasury Charter School Review Records Custodian
Legal, Compliance and Audit
502 Deaderick Street
10th floor, Andrew Jackson Building
Nashville, TN 37243-0201