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  • Investor's Fees


Plan participants generally pay two kinds of fees for 401(k) and 457 participation. There is a fee paid to the mutual fund/investment account to manage investments. There is a separate fee for plan administration and record keeping.

Fund Operating Expense

Fund operating expense data is provided to participants in a number of ways.  The fund prospectus provides fund expense information.  The quarterly IOAG (Investments at a Glance) included in each quarterly account statement provides the fund operating expense on the same page disclosing investment performance results.  You may visit the fund company’s web site in many instances to review this data as well.

How Record Keeping and Administrative Fees are Allocated

All participants who choose to invest in the Plans’ various investment products are charged a record keeping fee as a part of the plans' operating expense. The fee is currently 25 basis points, which equals

Fees by investment option as of 6-10-2014