The Flexible Benefits Plan
What is a Flexible Benefits Plan?
Eligible Expenses
Who may participate in the Plan?
What expenses may be paid using Flex funds?
How do I sign up for Flex?
Common Medical Expenses
Why should I participate in the Plan?
How does the Plan work?
What About Health Insurance Premiums?
How Do I Estimate Medical Expenses?
How Do I Estimate Dependent Care Expenses?
How Do I Get Reimbursed?
The Flexible Benefits Plan
How Do I Estimate Medical Expenses?
Last Year’s Expenses
This Year’s Projected Expenses
Insurance deductibles    
Medical/dental/prescription co-payments
Documented over-the-counter medicines    
Dental expenses    
Eye glasses and contacts    
Routine examinations & physicals    
Transportation to/from medical provider    
Non-cosmetic surgery    
Medically necessary nursing home care    
Total expenses for the year    
  Divide total by your number of regular pay periods
Enter this amount into your Election Form.