The Flexible Benefits Plan
What is a Flexible Benefits Plan?
Eligible Expenses
Who may participate in the Plan?
What expenses may be paid using Flex funds?
How do I sign up for Flex?
Common Medical Expenses
Why should I participate in the Plan?
How does the Plan work?
What About Health Insurance Premiums?
How Do I Estimate Medical Expenses?
How Do I Estimate Dependent Care Expenses?
How Do I Get Reimbursed?
The Flexible Benefits Plan
How Do I Estimate Dependent Care Expenses?
Last Year’s Expenses
This Year’s Projected Expenses
Before & after school care    
School half days
In-service days (child not in school)
School holidays
School vacation days    
Other dependent care
Total expenses for the year    
  Divide total by your number of regular pay periods
Enter this amount into your Election Form.