The Flexible Benefits Plan
What is a Flexible Benefits Plan?
Eligible Expenses
Who may participate in the Plan?
What expenses may be paid using Flex funds?
How do I sign up for Flex?
Common Medical Expenses
Why should I participate in the Plan?
How does the Plan work?
What About Health Insurance Premiums?
How Do I Estimate Medical Expenses?
How Do I Estimate Dependent Care Expenses?
How Do I Get Reimbursed?
The Flexible Benefits Plan
Common Medical Expenses

Ambulance services Contact lenses
Co-payments & Deductibles Crutches
Dental fees
Doctors’ fees
Hearing aids
Hospital fees Lab fees
LASIK Optometrist
Orthodontics Prescription drugs
Physical therapy Stop smoking programs
Surgery Transportation/Mileage
Documented over-the-counter medicines, such as Claritin or ibuprofen may now be claimed!