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  • Legislation 2008
Pursuant to Public Chapter 1043, the following is a summary of amendments affecting awards and eligibility under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act found under Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 29-13-101 et seq.
The legislation provides:

  1. Effective immediately, a “relative” of a deceased victim (as defined under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act) may be reimbursed for funeral and burial expenses that relative has incurred due to the victim’s death.  This is in addition to the legal representative of the victim’s estate who may file on behalf of the estate.
  2. Effective for crimes occurring on or after July 1, 2008, eligible incidents upon which compensation can be based now include when the crime involved the failure to stop at the scene of an accident in violation of § 55-10-101 which directly resulted in serious bodily injury or death to the victim and the evidence shows that the operator of the motor vehicle knew or reasonably should have known that death or serious bodily injury had occurred.

  3. Effective for crimes occurring on or after July 1, 2008, any awards made for medical or medical-related expenses, including but not limited to dental, chiropractic, hospital, physical therapy and nursing services, shall be made in an amount not to exceed 75% of the billed charges if a sum is available to do so after payment of expenses due the victim or claimant (e.g. lost wages, permanent impairment, etc.).

    If the program makes payment equal to 75% and the provider accepts the payment, the provider must accept the payment as payment in full and shall not bill any balance to the victim or claimant.  This provision does not prohibit the provider from seeking reimbursement from the victim or claimant for the difference, if any, between the 75% and the amount paid by the division under this provision.  

To view Public Chapter 1043, click here.

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