FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2016
Media Contact: Shelli King

TNStars Giving Away Three $1,000 Scholarships for College Savings Month

NASHVILLE- September is College Savings Month and State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. wants you to know the Three Stars for College Savings: start early, make saving a habit, and open a TNStars account. The TNStars College Savings 529 Program will help Tennessee children get an early start to their college savings account this month by giving away $1,000 scholarships to three lucky children age 10 or under.

Tennessee residents age 21 and older can enter the scholarship giveaway online at  on behalf of a child 10 or under now through September 30, 2016. Entrants do not have to open an account, but winners will need to establish a TNStars account for their designated beneficiary in order to claim the $1,000 scholarship prize.

This College Savings Month, TNStars is focusing on the importance of planning early for future college expenses. Starting early gives families a longer horizon for their savings to grow. Even small, consistent contributions to a 529 account can make a big impact.

"It's important to start saving early, so that compounding interest works for you rather than against you with student loans," said Treasurer Lillard."

Nationally ranked in the top five for investment performance by Saving for College, LLC, TNStars was created to help Tennesseans save for the growing cost of post-secondary education. Higher education is critical to prepare the next generation of Tennesseans for the 21st century workforce. TNStars offers families high quality investments at a low cost, so they can save more money for college.

TNStars Three Stars for Savings Scholarship:
TNStars is giving $1,000 scholarships to three children age 10 or younger.  Tennessee residents age 21 and older can enter the scholarship giveaway on behalf of a child now through September 30th at Official scholarship rules can be found at

Three Stars for College Savings
1. Start Early
The earlier you start the longer you have to watch your saving grow. With the power of compounding interest on your side, contributing to a 529 account when your child is young can make a big impact once they’re off to college.
2. Make Saving a Habit
Regular contributions to your 529 account can make your savings goal easier to achieve. An Automatic Investment Plan is an easy way to make a commitment to saving by allowing you to set up recurring contributions direct from your bank account to your TNStars account.
3. Open a TNStars Account
Ranked among the Top 3 college savings plans for one and three year investment performance, TNStars offers families high quality investment options at a low cost. There are 15 diverse investment options to choose from, including an age-based option for savers who prefer to take a hands-off approach. Start saving early and make it a habit by opening a TNStars account today!