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College/university representatives for the Careers NOW Program play a critical role in the selection of qualified students. The following procedures and instructions will govern the selection of students for this program.


  • Set a deadline date for the students to submit applications and supporting documentation to you (should coincide with Careers NOW calendar of events)
  • Place your name on all program material
  • Nominate students by completing the Careers Now Nomination Questionnaire
  • Interview each applicant. There is no limit regarding the number of applicants that can be submitted for consideration
  • Inform students of the possibility that they may be called to Nashville for an interview by the Program Coordinator, Ann Taylor-Tharpe
  • Select students based on the qualifications of each individual applicant

    **Students should be advised that because they are nominated for the program, does not guarantee they will be selected or interviewed. If a student is called in for an interview, he/she should expect to incur all travel expenses. **
Nomination Questionnaire (completed by College/University Careers NOW Representative)

Should you any have questions, please contact Ann Taylor-Tharpe:

State of Tennessee
Careers Now Program Coordinator
Andrew Jackson Building, 10th floor
Nashville, TN 37243-0225
(615) 532-3347