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  • Risk Management Reports
  • Accumulative Loss Analysis
Workers' compensation claims summary and loss analysis reports are available for download by clicking on the options below. These files are provided in searchable Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the Field Descriptions for an explanation of the fields in the Claims Summary by Department and Division report.  The fields in the other reports are self-explanatory.

To search for your department, first select "Claims Summary by Department and Division." Then click on the binoculars in menu bar of Adobe Acrobat and type in the name of your department. The Claims Summary will then be displayed.  Another option is to simply scroll down through the report to find your agency and division.

The Accumulative Loss Analysis report displays a five-year comparison of the frequency and total cost of workers compensation claims within each injury/loss category (i.e., Cause of Loss, Nature or Result, and Part or Target). The reports are searchable as are the Claims Summary reports. You can print the entire report for the agencies below or for just your location. The location is listed in the upper left hand corner of the report. After scrolling through the report for your agency, you will quickly become familiar with the report format.