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  • Advantages of Direct Deposit
A paper check could be stolen from your mailbox, especially if you are away from home. Increasing cases of identity theft could compound the problems check theft creates. The electronic direct deposit transaction is substantially more secure than a paper check.
Timeliness of Payment
While payments are mailed on the last business day of each month, retirees on direct deposit already have access to their funds at the opening of business that same day.
Lost Checks
TCRS has no control over checks lost in the mail. We cannot issue replacement payments until around the tenth of each month. Therefore, any time a check is lost in the mail, replacement payment takes two weeks.
Control and Security
Direct deposit is the most secure payment method currently available for your pension.

Once the first monthly payment is successfully made to your bank account, payments are guaranteed to occur each month (as long as your bank account information remains the same). Mailed checks, on the other hand, are subject to being lost, destroyed, or delayed at any time.
Budget Issues
The State of Tennessee is continually looking for ways to provide more efficient and cost effective services. Direct deposit for retirees is projected to save TCRS thousands of dollars in postage and processing costs each year.



To authorize direct deposit, simply complete the Direct Deposit form and return it to the address given. You will receive written notification that your request has been processed. From then on, your retirement payments will be automatically deposited on the last working day of each month. If your financial institution does not already participate in this program, they may do so by simply contacting the local Federal Reserve Board. Arrangements will then be made for your financial institution to participate.


It will continue to be very important that you notify the TCRS office if your home address changes. TCRS statements for income tax purposes will be mailed to your home. Also, if there is a change in the amount of benefits you are to receive, such as when cost-of-living increases are granted, you will be notified in writing.