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  • Mission Statement

The mission of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System is to provide superior services to constituents in a cost-effective manner through qualified personnel while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The mission will be accomplished by TCRS in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, the Council on Pensions and Insurance, and the TCRS membership through the following objectives:

  • Exemplary Service - To provide accurate, courteous and prompt service to members of TCRS.
  • Benefit Standards - To provide retirement coverage through TCRS, social security and personal savings vehicles which will allow public employees to maintain their standard of living after retirement.
  • Funding Standards - To provide for the long-term funding of TCRS on an actuarial basis which will ensure that sufficient assets will be accumulated to pay the statutory benefits of current and future retirees.
  • Staffing - To attract and retain professional, highly-trained staff in an atmosphere conducive to innovation, challenges and a high level of performance.
  • Research - To continuously perform studies on pension issues and to compare the TCRS plan with other public and private pension systems.
  • Management - To manage by leading, planning, organizing and controlling the operation of TCRS in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of members and Tennessee taxpayers utilizing personnel, technology and capital efficiently, while providing the highest level of service.
  • Ethical Standards - To maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • Investment Return - To obtain the highest available return on investments consistent with the preservation of principal while maintaining sufficient liquidity to react to the changing environment and to pay benefits when due.