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The Concord project will develop and implement a single web-based computer system. This system will provide the functions that modern users have come to expect from financial agencies. Users of the new system will find more access to retirement information, greater flexibility and increased speed for data collection and benefits processing.

The Concord project began with a request for proposals from qualified vendors. The proposals received were reviewed and scored by a staff from the Treasury Department and other departments. A contract was awarded to Deloitte Consulting. Deloitte has experience implementing integrated, web-based computer systems for many different state retirement plans. The Treasury Department has assembled a group of staff members with experience throughout TCRS, who are dedicated full time to the project. Deloitte and the Treasury Department will work on this project together.

Development and implementation of the new system will take place over several years. This web site will be used to provide updates as to the project's progress. Employers, active members and retired members of the retirement plan will receive information through e-mails, product demonstrations and other means.

We know that the Concord project will be a big change for everyone involved. The Treasury Department and Deloitte will provide employers, employees and retirees with the information they need help the transition be a success. If you have any questions please contact us at

Following is the projected timeline for the Concord project.  Please note, any future dates are tentative and subject to change.