State Employees and Teachers

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Service Retirement - Minimum: Age 60 with at least five years of service OR 30 years of service at any age

Age 55 Early Retirement - Minimum: 10 years of service

25-Year Early Retirement - Minimum: 25 years of service - For members under age 55

Ordinary Disability Retirement - Active employees only - Five years minimum service required.

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Average final compensation - Your highest five consecutive years of salary divided by 5 - whole dollars only. If you would like a calculator to help you determine this number, press the "AFC" button.

Your beneficiary's date of birth - While this is optional, it is necessary if you wish to calculate beneficiary options.

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Enter your monthly Social Security estimate at age 62, ONLY if you wish to consider Social Security Leveling. Must be under age 62 at retirement to qualify.