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  • Reporting FAQ

How can I contact the Unclaimed Property Division?

Please email us at:

At what times will I receive emails?

Emails are sent to verify a user and receipt payments made on reports.

Forms for Requesting a Refund, Common Property Types, and more:

When is the report and remittance due?

May 1st of each year.

Can I report and deliver property before the prescribed dormancy period has elapsed?

Yes, Rule 1700-2-1-08 allows a holder to report before the statutory due date if due diligence requirements have been met

What do I do if I forgot my password?

From the Log In page, select “Forget your password?” You will receive an email to reset the password at the address provided.

What are Primary and Secondary users?

A Primary user manages the group of users, but all users (Primary and Secondary) are able to review and select files that have been submitted (completed or not completed), create a new report (Positive or Negative), and make payments on any existing file.

What should I do if the Primary user leaves the company?

Contact the Unclaimed Property Department so that the Primary user can be switched from the inactive user to a Secondary user.

How can someone else with my company make payments?

Once the person is registered as a Secondary user, they can make payments on any file.

What is the difference between a Positive and Negative Report?

A Positive Report has a value greater than $0.00 and a Negative Report is a $0.00 report.

Are negative reports required?

No. Effective with the 2006 Annual Reporting Period, Negative Reports have not been required.

What file formats are accepted? Can my file be encrypted?

The file you use to report unclaimed property on the web application should be the standard NAUPAII formats: .txt, .hde or .rpt. Use the .hde format for encrypted files.

What does it mean if the file selected to submit is rejected? What do the errors in the Error Report mean?

The system either accepts the entire file or rejects it. If the file is rejected, there is an error and the Error Report will detail the specific errors on each line inside the file.

What do I do now that I received errors after my file was rejected?

Once you have reviewed the errors in the Error Report, correct the mistakes you can or contact the creator of the file in order to resolve all issues and then resubmit. After trying this and using the Complete Reporting Guide as a reference, you may contact the Unclaimed Property Department if you are having trouble uploading the file.

Be Cautious with Error Reports

There may be sensitive PII on the downloaded Error Report; so proceed with necessary measures.

Can a file have multiple reports?

Yes the file can have multiple reports.

How do I know which Holder to choose when submitting a negative report?

Locate the Holder by Name and Tax ID. You can delete the report if you happen to select the wrong Holder.

How can I make payments? What are ACH Payments?

All remitted funds should be made online by ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments.

What should I do if my reporting organization does not have the capability to make an ACH payment?

You may submit payment by alternative method after you apply for a one-year waiver of the ACH payment requirement, and the waiver is approved. To apply for the waiver and learn about the applicable standard, email our holder representatives at

What is the most common error when making an ACH payment?

A debit-block may be on your account when the Treasury attempts to pull the remitted funds, rejecting the transaction as an unauthorized debit. Contact you financial institutions prior to making payment and give them our company Id # U626001445 to allow the upcoming transaction.

How long does it take to process payments?

Normally, payments should be processed within three to five business days of the transaction.

How should securities and tangibles be remitted and what information is required?

Please refer to the Complete Reporting Guide to remit all other property.