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  • Reporting Software
  • Additional 3rd Party Reporting Software
  • NAUPA File Layout and Specs
  • Encryption

Free Holder Reporting Software



Tennessee requires ALL reports to be submitted by the NAUPA electronic format AND be encrypted with our encryption method. The majority of vendors provide the capability of encrypting your file within our requirement. It is your responsibility to make sure your file is compliant. Below is additional information regarding your required NAUPA file.

Additional valuable information regarding your reporting requirements, forms, amnesty, audit and penalties is available under the Report Abandoned Property link at the top of this page.

To help make reporting of unclaimed property uniform for all holders and to protect owner information as it is being transmitted to us the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division has the following requirements:

1. Your file must be submitted to us electronically.
2. Your file must be encrypted with Tennessee’s required encryption method.

It is our desire to make your reporting of unclaimed property as easy and secure as possible.  The below tabs are resources to help you create your file.

There are other various vendors that supply unclaimed property reporting software.  The functionality and price of each one may differ slightly.  To the best of our knowledge, each of them create a file that meets the NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) format and specifications and includes Tennessee’s required encryption (We suggest verifying this with the vendor).  Below are links to each one:

Stone River – Tracker
Financial Software Innovations – FSI Track
Chesapeake – UPCS


NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) has created a file layout and specifications that the majority of states, including Tennessee, have adopted.  All reports sent to Tennessee must meet these specifications.  If you’re creating your own file or just want to review the NAUPA layout and specifications click here.


The State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division is equally concerned about the protection of the data that you send to us and any possible threat of this data being compromised.  In order to protect this data the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division has required all reports that are sent to us to be encrypted in our encryption method.  This method protects the data not only in the delivery to the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division, but all the way through loading of this data into our database.  Therefore, in order for this process to work through all stages of the process it is required that you use our encryption method.

If you create your file using the NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) endorsed reporting software by ETM then your file will be encrypted with our required format.  In addition the majority of the other 3rd party reporting software vendors also encrypt your file with our required encryption method (We suggest verifying this with the vendor).

If you create your file by some other means (either internally or by a vendor that does not use our encryption method) we have contracted with a vendor ACS-Wagers to create a utility tool that you can download to encrypt your NAUPA file.  If you need to download this utility to encrypt your NAUPA text file click here.



  • Submit File Electronically


Submit Your Tennessee Holder Report Here


You are encouraged to submit your report (NAUPA file) to us electronically instead of e-mail or mailing it to us. Please use the free service UPExpress. Not only is there no cost to use this service, but it does not matter what software you used to create your NAUPA file.

Click the UPExpress image above to go to our vendor ETM. Once there you will need enter the information requested and submit your file. Once you have submitted your file you will receive a confirmation that your file has been submitted.

Submit your Tennessee Holder Report HERE