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  • Medical Expenses

The benefits provided under Tennessee's workers' compensation law are set out in Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 50, Chapter 6.

The state, as your employer, is responsible for payment of any reasonable medical expenses that you incur in seeking medical treatment of your compensable injury from an authorized provider from the state's workers' compensation preferred provider network. This means that if you sprain your ankle in a work related accident, the state will pay the medical expenses associated with the treatment of your ankle. However, if your doctor also treats any other condition which is not related to your compensable injury (such as high blood pressure) at the same time he treats the compensable injury, then the state will only pay the portion of the medical bill which is directly related to the treatment of the ankle. You and/or your insurance carrier are responsible for the cost of any medical treatment which is unrelated to the compensable injury. You may obtain the names of authorized physicians from your personnel office or by calling any of the following:

  • Corvel Corporation
    • To Report a Claim: 866-245-8588
    • For Existing Claims: 888-226-7835
  • Division of Claims Administration at (615) 741-2734.

You can also access the provider directory by clicking on the Primary Care Provider Directory on the menu at the top of this page.

The state will not pay for any treatment rendered by an unauthorized non-network provider. If you seek treatment from a non-network provider, you will be responsible for all bills associated with that treatment.