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Tennessee educators honored with Financial Literacy Awards

Tennessee educators honored with Financial Literacy Awards

NASHVILLE - The Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission this week honored three Tennessee educators for their leadership in bringing financial education to their students.

Dr. Stacey Fisher, Teri Parks, and Tabitha Dean were each presented with the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission Leadership Award by Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. at an event on Tuesday evening in Nashville.

“Educators play many roles and take on countless responsibilities – these individuals and their schools are going above and beyond,” Treasurer Lillard said. “And they do so because they know these lessons have real-life application, and they are dedicated to the whole well-being of their students and their futures. We were pleased to honor these three educators for their commitment to financial literacy in their schools.”

Awards were presented to an educator from each of the three Tennessee Grand Divisions:

• East Tennessee: Dr. Stacey Fisher is an associate professor at East Tennessee State University on the Sevierville branch campus, who teaches through ETSU Online and is on the Graduate Faculty teaching for the K-5 Elementary Education program.

After attending both in-person and virtual workshops hosted by the Commission, Dr. Fisher introduced the resources offered by the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission (TNFLC) to her pre-service teacher candidate students. As a result, many of her former students, now current Tennessee teachers, participate in TNFLC-sponsored professional development trainings.

Dr. Fisher’s leadership is exemplified by her zeal for sharing this life-changing information with future teachers who will, in turn, educate potentially thousands of future students on the importance of making sound financial decisions. This is the great multiplier effect in motion.

• Middle Tennessee: Teri Parks, of Bedford County Learning Academy, became involved with the Commission’s activities a few years ago when she attended her first financial literacy teacher training summit. During the summit, she was introduced to the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum and My Classroom Economy, the classroom behavioral management system.

She masterfully blends the experiential learning nature of the My Classroom Economy program with the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum, ensuring her students will be fully prepared to become the CEO of their own lives upon graduation.

• West Tennessee: Tabitha Dean, of Raleigh Egypt Middle School in Shelby County, is motivated by the positive behavioral reinforcement and hope the My Classroom Economy program brings to students in her community. Ms. Dean is creating a financial literacy club for students at her school.

She and her principal are excited to continue incorporating financial literacy and financial responsibility as part of the daily experience at Raleigh Egypt Middle. Treasurer Lillard expressed his gratefulness for teachers like Ms. Dean, who champion financial literacy and education for hundreds of young Tennesseans year after year.

“We are one of the leading states in the country for financial literacy; the Commission does remarkable work,” said Governor Bill Haslam, who thanked donors for supporting the TNFLC and commended teachers across the state for bringing personal financial management curriculum to their classrooms. “The investments in K-12 education will reap benefits for our state in the future. I view it in my job as one of the highest responsibilities I have is to manage the finances of the state in a way that is responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. That’s what this education program for our young people is all about.”

Lt. Governor Randy McNally added, “The members of the Financial Literacy Commission have been able to reach students and teachers and even adults throughout the state and give them valuable tools with which to help with their lives.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to have individuals learn, really, about having financial freedom and what that means, and how you can get there,” said House Speaker Cameron Sexton, who works in banking. “Thank you to the award winners for doing this in the school and teaching the youth a very valuable skill, that is a lifetime skill.”

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About the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission
The TNFLC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies mostly on donations from individuals and businesses for funding. It was created in 2010 with the mission to equip Tennesseans to make sound financial decisions when it comes to planning, saving, and investing. The Commission has the goal to reach every K-8 classroom in Tennessee, providing financial literacy resources, such as Vault and the nationally recognized Financial Fitness for Life curriculum. The TNFLC provides both resources, including training, free to Tennessee K-8 schools. The Commission works to train Tennessee public school teachers to incorporate financial education resources into their classrooms. The Commission provides seven financial literacy resources that can be utilized online, through classroom curriculum, and by immersive, hands-on experience.

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