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Meet with a RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor

Take advantage of a comprehensive retirement readiness review as part of your retirement program

Be Aware of Marketing Contacts Referencing TCRS

People nearing retirement are attractive to marketing firms that get a fee for referrals to businesses offering retirement products. We have become aware of third-party organizations approaching members to offer retirement planning services. When contacting our members, these marketing firms often reference your future TCRS retirement benefits.

Retirement planning and counseling are services already offered at no charge to all members of the retirement plan. Members of RetireReadyTN, including TCRS and the State 401(k)/457(b) plans, can meet a RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor for assistance with retirement planning, counseling, or to discuss any other financial planning needs.

Protect yourself against companies that may be looking to profit for their services. Information on how to schedule a Retirement Readiness Review or a Retirement Counseling session is included below.

Retirement Readiness Review

Get a complete picture of your retirement readiness by meeting with your RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor. In your one-on-one meeting, your Plan Advisor will look at your overall financial picture and provide customized recommendations tailored to help you achieve your personal retirement goals. If you plan to retire in the next three years, consider requesting a Retirement Counseling session.

Schedule a free retirement readiness review with your Plan Advisor to discuss:

  • Your retirement plans, including TCRS, Social Security, and your State 401(k)/457 accounts
  • How much of your working income you may need to replace in retirement
  • Your personal retirement goals and planned retirement age
  • Whether your savings and investment choices are in line with your goals
  • Financial planning and budgeting

Get a strategy customized just for you:

  • How long you should work, how much you should save, how your investments should be allocated
  • Learn the actionable steps you can take to reach your goals
  • Review your recommendations and next steps
  • Receive personalized advice and customized projections

Schedule a virtual meeting with your RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor today by selecting your location.

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Retirement counselor discussing options with public employee

Are you within 3 years of retirement?

Schedule a retirement counseling session.

During a counseling session you will:

  • Review your TCRS benefit estimate, benefit payment options, and employment history
  • Review your 401(k)/457(b) account balances, investment choices, and retirement income options
  • Discuss Social Security options
  • Discuss how to execute your retirement plan

Call (800) 922-7772 to schedule a Retirement Counseling Session with your RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor. To prepare your benefit estimate, you will be asked to provide your:

  • TCRS Member Number or Social Security Number
  • Proposed Retirement Date
  • Beneficiary Information including their name and date of birth

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