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As a member of RetireReadyTN, one of your most valuable benefits is your comprehensive retirement plan.

Did you know that 81% of TCRS members retire in Tennessee?

That means that pension benefits received by retired members are spent in the local communities of Tennessee.

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In 2021, expenditures from Tennessee state and local government pensions supported the following within the state:

  • 35500 jobs and had an estimated impact of $269 million on state and local tax revenue
  • Benefit payments of $2.87 billion resulted in a total economic output of $4.93 billion
  • $775 million in state and local tax revenues over the last three fiscal years

Each dollar paid in pension benefits supported $1.87 in total economic activity in Tennessee.

Source: Economic Impacts of the TCRS Defined Benefit Plan on Tennessee

What economic impact does TCRS have on Tennessee?

Retirement benefits paid by TCRS ...

  • Increase gross output
  • Result in job creation
  • Increase state and local tax collections

Source: University of Tennessee 2022 study: "Economic Impact of the TCRS Defined Benefit Plan on Tennessee."

Click below to view the report.

View the Economic Impact Report

Pension benefit multiplier

Each $1.00 in state and local pension benefits paid to Tennessee residents ultimately supported
$1.87 in total output in the state of Tennessee*.


* This “multiplier” incorporates the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of retiree spending, as it ripples through the state economy. Source: Economic Impacts of the TCRS Defined Benefit Plan on Tennessee

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