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Tennessee's own Achieving a Better Life Experience program

Making a difference

One of the nation’s first Achieving a Better Life Experience programs to launch, ABLE TN has provided a valuable resource to help more than 2,787 individuals with disabilities save nearly $34 million since June 2016.

ABLE TN is a savings program designed to help Tennesseans with disabilities set aside money to pay for future qualified expenses. These accounts provide the opportunity to save and invest with tax-free earnings to help participants maintain independence and quality of life.

Tennessee Governor, Treasurer Lillard at ABLE bill signing

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) TN

The 109th General Assembly passed the Tennessee ABLE Act in April 2015, sponsored by Senator Becky Duncan Massey (R) of Knoxville in the Senate and by Representatives Steve McManus (R) of Cordova and Kevin Brooks (R) of Cleveland in the House.

The Tennessee ABLE Act enabled the Tennessee Department of Treasury to administer Tennessee’s own Achieving a Better Life Experience program, ABLE TN, to help individuals with disabilities and their families plan and save for the future.

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Save and invest with tax-free earnings to help maintain independence and quality of life.

Features and Benefits

ABLE TN can help you plan and save for future expenses with benefits including:

  • Tax-free earnings
  • No impact to federal benefits*
  • Diverse investment options
  • Low fees
  • Convenient online contributions and management

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*For ABLE TN account balances less than $100,000

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ABLE TN family

"I mailed in my daughter Eden’s first contribution last year on June 14th and contribute $100 automatically each month. She has almost $1,500 saved. Thanks, ABLE TN!"

- Adam Cathey, ABLE TN Account Holder

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Determine eligibility with ABLE Assist

Find out if you qualify for benefits by using our easy, interactive guide, ABLE Assist!

An individual who has been diagnosed with a disability on or before age 26 may qualify by meeting the eligibility qualifications. Learn more at and take advantage of ABLE Assist.

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