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TCRS turns 50!

TCRS is celebrating 50 years of retirement security and financial stability for Tennessee

In 2022, TCRS celebrates 50 years as a consolidated retirement plan!

Formed July 1, 1972, when Governor Winfield Dunn signed the Consolidation Retirement Act, passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, to combine seven separate pension plans into the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System.

TCRS turns 50

The Consolidation Retirement Act of 1972 combined the administration and investments of seven systems into one. Previously the:

  • Teachers' Retirement System
  • State Retirement System
  • Judges' Retirement System
  • Attorneys' General Retirement System
  • County Paid Judges Retirement System
  • County Officials' Retirement System
  • Public Service Commissioners' Retirement System

TCRS is one of the strongest public pensions in the nation!

Tennessee has fully funded the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System each year!

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As part of the celebration, we would like to recognize our active and retired members. Join us by submitting your photo and information through the form linked below. Watch this page for your member spotlight!

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Strong for our Members!

Active and retired members can take pride in their retirement program

TCRS is a nationally ranked pension system

A fiscally strong and well-funded pension system helps ensure a safe and secure retirement for Tennessee's current, retired, and future public servants. The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System:

  • Contributes to the state's AAA rating
  • Helps create new jobs
  • Supports the state's economy

We ensure the oversight and governance to effectively achieve these goals.

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RetireReadyTN is the state’s retirement program, combining the strengths the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), a 401(k) plan, and retirement readiness education.

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