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Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund

Financial reimbursement may be available to installers of interlock ignition devices for qualifying indigent participants required to have a monitoring device.

How does the EMIF provide Reimbursement?

The Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund (EMIF) provides financial reimbursement to certified interlock installers. Persons deemed indigent by the court who are required to have an interlock ignition device as a result of a drunk driving offense, can obtain the device through a certified vendor (“Provider”).

The court can order the defendant to pay a portion of the device cost. The EMIF will reimburse the remainder to Providers certified to install, maintain, and monitor device usage. The total cost of the device cannot exceed $200 per month.

Providers file invoices for reimbursement with the Division of Claims and Risk Management along with supporting information during the period the device is required. Reimbursable services include:

  • Installation
  • Lease
  • Maintenance
  • Removal

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Online portal for EMIF vendors

EMIF portal access

Local Government Cost Sharing Program

The 113th General Assembly passed legislation to transition the cost-sharing program for non-interlock devices to a grant program to be administered by the Department of Finance & Administration, Office of Criminal Justice Programs beginning October 1, 2023.

Reimbursement procedures for Providers

The EMIF provides reimbursement to individuals or entities engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling, leasing, servicing, or monitoring interlock ignition devices. All Providers submitting interlock claims for reimbursement must be listed on the Department of Safety’s approved Provider list.

The Division acts as a liaison between EMIF Providers and local governments.

Information for Providers

A provider must be an active supplier on the State’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Procedures for Reimbursement

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The failure to submit a legible or complete copy of any of the required information may result in a denial or delay of payment to the Provider.

Submitting claims for reimbursement

Claims may be submitted by logging in to the EMIF portal

Once information is received to process a request for reimbursement from the EMIF, every effort will be made to approve or deny a request within ninety (90) days after all of the required information is received. The Provider will be notified in writing of any denial for reimbursement.

If a claim for reimbursement is denied, the Provider may request that the claim be reconsidered by submitting additional information or documentation not previously submitted with the original invoice in support of the claim with a new itemized invoice not previously submitted with the original invoice in support of the claim.

EMIF Portal Access

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