About Unclaimed Property

Ways We Notify You

Our primary goal is to return your unclaimed property back to you. To achieve this, we may try to contact you in various ways.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury wants to help you reclaim your unclaimed property (free of charge) as quickly and easily as possible. Through our various outreach efforts, we begin by attempting to notify Tennesseans as soon as they have unclaimed property available to claim.

The Department uses the following outreach methods to contact owners of unclaimed property:

  • Website (ClaimITTN.gov)
  • Mail to your home
  • Mail to your work
  • Advertisements
  • Public Events
  • Other


Have questions? We're here to help!

There is no fee to claim your unclaimed property from the Tennessee Department of Treasury. If you have been contacted by a representative charging a fee, it may be from a third-party "finder" or "locator" organization.

If you are ever concerned about the validity of something you have received regarding unclaimed property in Tennessee, please don't hesitate to call or email us: (866) 370-9429 ucp.information@tn.gov

Learn more about third-party locators

Ways we notify you of your unclaimed property

Our Website (ClaimItTN.gov)

Once the Department receives unclaimed property from an organization or entity, the property is placed on our website and is available to claim. You can claim your unclaimed cash or property as easy as 1-2-3!


1) Visit our search portal at ClaimItTN.gov.


2) Enter your name and information.


3) If there's a match, claim your cash!

Senior male receiving unclaimed property letter, outdoor mailbox

Mail to Your Home

The Department will mail a letter to the last known address that the company or entity has given us. The law requires that the company or entity attempt to contact you at this address, prior to turning over your property to the Unclaimed Property Division.  However, we are often able to locate owners through this method.

Mail from the Unclaimed Property Division will always include the state seal and branding. If you are ever concerned with the validity of the mailing you have received, please feel free to contact us!

Mail to Your Work

In an effort to return your property we may also send a claim form to your place of employment. We are able to accomplish this if the company or entity that turned over your property to us provided us with your SSN.

We will match up your SSN with records from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to determine where you are working in Tennessee. We will then mail a leter to your employer and request that they pass it to you. If you receive one of these letters, please visit ClaimItTN.gov to complete the online form. We will notify you if any additional documentation is required. 

Female entrepreneur reading unclaimed property letter, happy

Family in kitchen reading unclaimed property names in local newspaper


The Department occasionally runs ads in local newspapers and online to encourage Tennesseans to search for unclaimed property.

If your name is listed, you can visit our website and conduct a free search for your unclaimed property using our search portal.

Conduct a free search for your unclaimed property!

Collage of photos from Tennessee Unclaimed Property public events—Tennesseans at State Fair booth, searching for property; folks claiming unclaimed property checks

Public Events

The Unclaimed Property team can be found across the state of Tennessee throughout the year, helping Tennesseans find their missing money. From the State Fair to local events to television cash-a-thons, our public-event outreach provides an in-person opportunity for locals to have their questions answered and to see if they have a share in the more than $700 million unclaimed property fund.

View our outreach event calendar

Treasurer Lillard and representatives from the Unclaimed Property team return a Purple Heart to the family of a war hero

Other Methods

In addition to the methods listed above, the Department utilizes various tools and procedures to help us locate and return your property. Some examples include sharing the list of property with legislators within Tennessee, the use of free or prepaid databases, and others designed to return your unclaimed property.

In 2018, Treasurer Lillard and the Unclaimed Property team return a Purple Heart and other medals earned over 70 years ago to the soldier’s family.

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Have questions about the Unclaimed Property program?  We're here to help!

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