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Protecting Retirement for Tennessee

A primary responsibility—providing a safe and secure retirement for current, retired, and future generations of Tennessee's public employees.

Achieving and sustaining a top 5, nationally ranked pension system

A fiscally strong and well-funded pension system helps ensure a safe and secure retirement for Tennessee's current, retired, and future public servants, contributes to the state's AAA rating, helps create new jobs, and supports the state's economy.

We ensure the oversight and governance to effectively achieve these goals.



Our commitment to excellence and exceptional results

"We work diligently to provide the best possible management of the system, invest the system assets in a prudent manner without undue risk, fund the system on an actuarially-strong basis and provide the best possible services to the members in the system."

— Tennessee Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr.

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) national recognitions

  • TCRS is ranked the 5th best-funded pension system in the United States.
  • TCRS has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA).
  • TCRS has been awarded the Public Pension Standards Award for funding and administration by the Public Pension Coordinating Council.

Our mission and objectives

The mission of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System is to provide superior services to constituents in a cost-effective manner through qualified personnel while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The mission is accomplished by TCRS in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, the Council on Pensions and Insurance and the TCRS membership through the following objectives:

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  • Exemplary Service
    To provide accurate, courteous and prompt service to members of TCRS
  • Benefit Standards
    To provide retirement coverage through TCRS, Social Security and personal savings vehicles which will allow public employees to maintain their standard of living after retirement
  • Funding Standards
    To provide for the long-term funding of TCRS on an actuarial basis which will ensure that sufficient assets will be accumulated to pay the statutory benefits of current and future retirees
  • Staffing
    To attract and retain professional, highly-trained staff in an atmosphere conducive to innovation, challenges and a high level of performance.
  • Research
    To continuously perform studies on pension issues and to compare the TCRS plan with other public and private pension systems
  • Management
    To manage by leading, planning, organizing and controlling the operation of TCRS in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of members and Tennessee taxpayers utilizing personnel, technology and capital efficiently while providing the highest level of service
  • Ethical Standards
    To maintain the highest ethical standards
  • Investment Return
    To obtain the highest available return on investments consistent with the preservation of principal while maintaining sufficient liquidity to react to the changing environment and to pay benefits when due


The State Treasurer is a constitutional officer elected every two years by a joint session of the General Assembly. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Treasury Department, a part of the legislative branch of state government.

The administration and operation of TCRS are among the primary responsibilities of the State Treasurer. In order to meet the statutory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities of administering TCRS, the Treasurer appoints two executive officers: the Director of TCRS and the Chief Investment Officer.

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TCRS Director

The Director of TCRS is responsible for the daily operation of the retirement system which includes providing counseling services for the active and retired members; issuance of payments to retired members, disabled members, beneficiaries of deceased members and refunds to terminated employees; enrollment of members; maintenance of member account balances and records; establishment of service credit and issuance of various publications to inform members of their rights and benefits.

Chief Investment Officer

The Chief Investment Officer is responsible for the investment and oversight of TCRS assets in accordance with statutory guidelines and the investment policies and strategies established by the Board of Trustees.

Additional divisions

Other divisions within the Treasury Department, which support the operations of TCRS, include Information Systems, Accounting, Management Services, Financial Empowerment, Internal Audit, and Human Resources. Through these divisions, data processing services, accounting services, records maintenance, control reviews and personnel services are provided.

Administrative budget

The administrative budget of TCRS is subject to approval by the General Assembly and is part of the overall annual budget process of the State of Tennessee. Funding for the operation of TCRS is provided by three sources. The State of Tennessee is responsible for the operation cost associated with state employees and higher education employees. Local education agencies are responsible for the operation cost related to K-12 teachers. Political subdivisions are responsible for the operation cost associated with their employees.

Economic impact of pension system in Tennessee

Benefits provided by the TCRS have an impact that reaches beyond benefit recipients*.

$1.3 B

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