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The Unclaimed Property Division offers resources to help businesses submit their annual reporting timely and free of errors.

The unclaimed property process

Unclaimed Property 101
How to report unclaimed property in Tennessee
How to identify unclaimed property
How to locate the owner
Reporting Securities As Unclaimed Property
Understanding Audits, Compliance & Negative Reports

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Reporting software options

There are various vendors that supply Unclaimed Property reporting software.

The functionality and price of each option may differ slightly. A free, NAUPA-approved version is available through HRS Pro. You may also visit the NAUPA website to create your own NAUPA file.

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Forms and guides

For a complete listing of forms, reporting guides, and instructions, visit the Forms and Guides section.

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Are you currently in compliance?

If you are an entity that in some aspect is currently not in compliance with the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property laws, we provide an opportunity for you to come into compliance.

Your admittance in our CDA program will waive any possible penalties you would incur.

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Securities - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine if a security is worthless?

A security becomes worthless when it has no value or no potential value. Evidence of worthlessness must clearly indicate no probability of realizing anything of value for the security from a sale, liquidation, or otherwise. A security is considered worthless if the cost of selling or disposing the security is greater than the value of the security.

We will not accept worthless, restricted, or nontransferable securities. Hold these securities until they either have value or can be delivered.

Are physical certificates accepted?

Physical certificates are accepted only if they cannot be sent DTC, DWAC, or DRS. Our custodian must be notified two business days prior to sending. Certificates received without proper notification will be returned. No Certificates will be accepted that require fees to be paid for by the State of Tennessee.

How do I deliver non-publicly traded securities?

Non-publicly traded securities can be managed by our custodian. We will work directly with the reporting company to process transfers and claims. Understand that if multiple owners are being reported, and one comes forward to claim their shares, that owner’s portion will have to be completely detached from the escheated number of shares and returned to claimant.

The State does offer a buy-back after 36 months of reporting. If your security cannot be purchased by the entity or publicly sold, we will have to be the custodians until the securities are claimed. This does cause our interests to become greater as the securities are reported.

Contact for guidance delivering non-publicly traded securities.

Do I need to set up another account for the Holding Company and report unclaimed property, which will be stock, under the Holding Company rather than the bank?

It does not matter where the account resides as long as it is related to the Unclaimed Property for the State of Tennessee.

If the shares can easily be transferred and/or liquidated once in the State’s name, register the security under the State’s nominee name and book the shares as Not In Bank (NIB). This way, the State has a record of receiving the shares and can easily transact when authorization to do so is received.

Since we are not publicly traded and cannot deliver shares through DTC, do we need to follow the instructions for delivering as Book Entry?

  1. With Book Entry, do you prefer that shares reside in the books of the company, and you can issue a statement, or are they going to be held with the Transfer Agent? (The answer to this question will determine how to deliver)
  2. If they are going to be held with the Transfer Agent, please provide the name of the Transfer Agent.
  3. There is a physical certificate issued. Do we need to cancel that certificate and issue it in the name of Hare & Co. C/O Avenu Insights & Analytics?

    If the shares can easily be transferred and/or liquidated once in the State’s name, register the security under the State’s nominee name and book the shares as Not In Bank (NIB). This way the State has a record of receiving the shares and can easily transact when authorization to do so is received.
  1. Provide the CUSIP # assigned to the stock
  2. Provide the market value/per-share price for the stock

How do I report withholding from IRAs?

NAUPA Holder Reporting Recommendations for Unclaimed IRAs
On January 1, 2020, The Internal Revenue Service’s Revenue Ruling 2018-17 went into effect concerning withholding and reporting taxes with respect to payments from Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) to state unclaimed property programs. Holders reporting these properties should make use of the NAUPA Standard Deduction and Withholding code “TW” to represent “Income Tax Withheld.”

For more information related to the NAUPA reporting standard, please visit:

How do I submit/report a certificate that cannot be registered to your nominee name?

The securities that have no value and/or cannot be registered to our FEIN should not be reported or delivered to the State. If the restrictions are lifted and the security restores its value, then it should be reported on the next submitted report.

If you need clarification that the security is non-reportable, a list of questionable securities can be emailed to The email response can be used for auditors, and the Broker will not be penalized for not reporting.

How do I report securities that cannot be held or managed by your custodian?

All reported securities must be held or managed by our custodian. Exceptions are only considered if given direct approval prior to reporting by our office. A monthly or no less than quarterly statement for all securities is a requirement to this exception. Any securities reported without prior approval will be refused and returned to the custody of the Reporting Holder.

When should I deliver the reported securities?

You should deliver the securities when your report is complete. Upload the report through ReportItTN after receiving confirmation that the securities have been approved.