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Tennessee Treasury Unclaimed Property on the Road to Reunite Tennesseans with Missing Money Throughout the State
Shelli King
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Tennessee Treasury Unclaimed Property on the Road to Reunite Tennesseans with Missing Money Throughout the State

Nashville, TN — The Tennessee Department of Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division, is traveling to events across the state to reunite Tennesseans with missing money. Last fiscal year, the Division returned a record-breaking 62,549 claims, resulting in $65.4 million returned to Tennesseans.

The Unclaimed Property Division is a consumer protection program of the Department of Treasury, under the leadership of Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. There is currently more than $976 million waiting to be claimed in Tennessee. Representatives from Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division will visit even more events across the state this year to raise awareness for the program and return missing money. Tennesseans are encouraged to stop by the Unclaimed Property booth to search their names, and even work with representatives on-site to file their claim.

This is the fourth year the Unclaimed Property Division has met with Tennesseans at these events. This outreach effort has provided an excellent opportunity for people to stop and talk directly with Treasury representatives about specific claims. As a result of this outreach, Treasury has returned thousands of claims to those who stopped by the Unclaimed Property booth to search for their name. Last year, the average claim was around $1,000, but most are around $100-200.

“These events across the state have been an excellent way to help increase awareness for this program,” Treasurer Lillard said. “Our hope is that even more people will take time to search to see if they have unclaimed property.”

To search for Unclaimed Property in Tennessee, visit Unclaimed Property plans to be at the following 2020 events. This list is subject to change.

Blooming Arts Festival (Linden)
Friday, March 20
Saturday, March 21

Slawburger Festival (Fayetteville)
Saturday, April 18

Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival (Portland)
Saturday, May 9

Memphis Italian Festival (Memphis)
Thursday, May 28
Friday, May 29

Saturday, May 30

Lauderdale County Tomato Festival (Ripley)
Friday, July 10
Saturday, July 11

Tennessee Soybean Festival (Martin)
Wednesday, September 9
Thursday, September 10

Friday, September 11

Saturday, September 12

Unicoi County Apple Festival (Erwin)
Friday, October 2
Saturday, October 3

About the Tennessee Treasury Unclaimed Property Division:
Unclaimed property is money that has been turned over to the State by businesses and organizations that cannot locate the rightful owners. Every year, millions of missing dollars are turned over and the Department of Treasury works to return that money to whom it belongs. In Tennessee, there is currently $976 million in unclaimed property still waiting to be returned.

To search for missing money, go to the Unclaimed Property’s website: This searchable online database contains all unclaimed property in Tennessee dating to the beginning of the program. You can visit to search for your name, and file your claim online. Treasury recommends searching for common misspellings of your name and addresses as well.

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