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Granville C. Torbett

Granville C. Torbett

5th Treasurer; Years Served: 1855–1857

Tennessee County of Residence: Monroe

Place of Birth: Monroe County, Tennessee

Date of Birth: March 4, 1810

Date of Death: February 14, 1872

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Treasurer's Report: 1855-57


On March 4, 1810, Granville C. Torbett was born in Monroe County, Tennessee. As a child, he attended the country schools in Monroe County. Afterward, he studied the law and eventually was admitted to the bar. During the 1820s, Treasurer Torbett operated a hotel on the southeast corner of the Madisonville square. On November 22, 1842, Treasurer Granville married Martha Louisa Barrow. The Torbett’s had four children. Their names were Emma L., Fannie, Matthew and Elizabeth Torbett.

During the 1840s, Treasurer Torbett became involved in politics. He was elected to the House of Representatives in the Tennessee State government in 1841. He served in the 24th General Assembly from 1841-1843 and represented Monroe County. After serving two years in the House of Representatives, he was elected to the State Senate and served in the 25th and 26th General Assemblies from 1843 to 1847. During his time as a State Senator, he represented Monroe, Bradley, McMinn and Polk counties.

After serving in politics and practicing law in Monroe and McMinn counties during the 1840s, Treasurer Torbett moved to Nashville in 1852. In Nashville, Torbett began working at a printing firm known as Eastman and Torbett. In addition to doing general printing, the company also published and edited the Nashville newspaper The Daily American.

In 1855, Treasurer Torbett was elected as the State Treasurer of Tennessee. He served in the position from 1855-1857. After his tenure as State Treasurer, Treasurer Torbett began to practice law in Nashville and continued working in that role until shortly before his death. On February 14, 1872, Treasurer Granville Torbett died. He was buried in the Mount Olive Cemetery in Nashville.

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