Upcoming Changes to the Tennessee ORP and
the TBR 403(b) Plan

Improving cost-effectiveness, plan services, and ease of use for participants.

To ensure we continue to offer competitive retirement plan options for our higher education employees, RetireReadyTN is announcing important changes to the Tennessee ORP and the TBR 403(b) Plan. To read the announcement letter sent to all ORP and TBR 403(b) Plan participants on March 30, 2022, click here.

What changes will you notice?

  • Moving from three ORP and TBR 403(b) providers to two: TIAA and Voya
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhancements to the existing plans at TIAA and Voya

See the announcement letter for more details.

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What's next?

If you do not have an ORP or TBR 403(b) Plan account with AIG, no action is required.

AIG participants may change enrollment and move account balances to TIAA and/or Voya though late summer 2022. If no election is made, future contributions in the ORP and UT 403(b) will transfer to TIAA in August 2022. Existing mutual fund plan balances at AIG will also transfer to TIAA. Assets in the closed annuity plan will remain with AIG until you take action.

If you currently contribute to and invest with AIG, see the active choice letter and transfer chart for transition information and details on how to change your contributions and move your balances to TIAA and/or Voya.

Active Choice Letter Transfer Chart

What you'll need to redirect your payroll contributions

Enroll online at the links below then complete a new Salary Deferral Agreement form available in your institution’s benefits office.

See the provider contact information below for further assistance.


What you'll need to transfer your balances

Complete a transfer form linked below and submit it to both the current provider and your chosen provider.

It is recommended you call a TIAA or Voya representative to assist you with the transfer; see the provider contact information below.

ORP Interprovider Transfer Form TBR 403(b) Interprovider Transfer Form

Need help?

Representatives from TIAA and Voya are available to answer questions at the contact information below.

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Call 800-842-2252, weekdays 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT)

Call 866-776-6704 ext. 2, weekdays 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CT)

Eliminated providers:

AIG Retirement Services:
Call 800-448-2542, weekdays, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CT)

TBR 403(b) and ORP Transition Communications

All active choice letters mailed to participants during the transition will be archived here.

April 13 Active Choice Letter April 27 Active Choice Letter June 8 Active Choice Letter

June 29 Active Choice Letter Blackout Notice Transfer Chart

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