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Cecil C. Wallace

Cecil C. Wallace

28th Treasurer; Years Served: 1945–1948

Tennessee County of Residence: Marshall

Place of Birth: Lewisburg, Tennessee

Date of Birth: January 20, 1879

Date of Death: September 8, 1948

Political Affiliation: Democrat

treasurer's reports: 1948, 1947, 1946, 1945


On January 20, 1879, Cecil Cundiff Wallace was born in the community of Lewisburg in Marshall County, Tennessee. He was the son of John Lewis Wallace and Georgia Ann Wallace. Treasurer Wallace’s father John was a stock breeder, auctioneer and three times sheriff of Marshall County. Treasurer Wallace graduated from the old Mooney School, now Battle Ground Academy, and later studied at the Jennings Business College in Nashville, Tennessee. On October 11, 1911, Treasurer Wallace married Angie May Gill. Over time, the couple had four children.

During his lifetime, Treasurer Wallace served many roles in Marshall County and Lewisburg. One of his main activities was farming and raising livestock on his home farm. In addition to his agricultural work, Treasurer Wallace was a member of the Lewisburg Methodist Church and Chairman of the Board of Stewards. He also was a charter member of the Lewisburg Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

While Treasurer Wallace was active in many community organizations, he also served in many political roles. One position he held was as City Judge and Clerk of the Town of Lewisburg. He also served for 33 years as Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of Marshall County. In addition, he was Chairman of the Democratic Primary Board. On January 3, 1945, Treasurer Wallace was elected as State Treasurer by the Seventy-fourth General Assembly.

In December of 1947, Treasurer Wallace suffered a serious heart attack that weakened his health. After many months of continuous failing health, Treasurer Wallace died on September 18, 1948 in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 69. He was buried in the Lone Oak Cemetery in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Since Treasurer Wallace’s term as State Treasurer was not completed when he passed away, Governor Jim McCord had to appoint a State Treasurer to fill the position. Eventually, Governor McCord chose J.F. Murrey, who was a businessman from Lewisburg, Tennessee. Treasurer Murrey served in the position until his successor was named by the 1949 Tennessee state legislature.

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