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James Floyd Murray

James Floyd Murrey

29th Treasurer; Years Served: 1948–1949

Tennessee County of Residence: Marshall

Place of Birth: Lewisburg, Tennessee

Date of Birth: December 25, 1884

Date of Death: July 1976

Political Affiliation: Not available


On December 25, 1884, James Floyd Murrey was born in Marshall County, Tennessee in the community of Lewisburg. He was the son of James McCutchson Murrey and Bettie Woodall Murrey. As a child, Treasurer Murrey attended the public schools in Marshall County. After he graduated from the public school system, he pursued higher education at the University of Chicago. In 1907, Treasurer Murrey married Pattie Battle; they had two children, Frances and Ada.

After completing his education, Treasurer Murrey pursued a career in the educational field. He taught school for six years and served as a principal for a high school. He also served as the president of Bolton College in Shelby County, Tennessee. After working in the educational field for six years, Treasurer Murrey changed his career path by becoming involved in the retail mercantile business. Treasurer Murrey joined the firm of Murrey Brothers Moss Clothing Company and eventually became the president and general manager of the company.

In September of 1948 the State Treasurer of Tennessee, Cecil C. Wallace died while he was still in office. Since Cecil's term as State Treasurer was not completed when he passed away, Governor Jim McCord had to appoint someone to fill the State Treasurer position, and Governor McCord chose James F. Murrey. Treasurer Murrey had to serve in the position until his successor was named by the 1949 Tennessee state legislature. As a result, James only served as State Treasurer from 1948-1949.

In addition to his various career roles, Treasurer Murrey was involved in many civic activities and organizations. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and he was past president of the Chamber of Commerce in Lewisburg. He also was a charter member and first president of the Lewisburg Rotary Club and president of the Marshall County Retail Credit Bureau. After serving the community for many years, Treasurer Murrey passed away in July of 1976. He was buried in the Lone Oak Cemetery in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

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